Audi Adaptive tsukkomi control

Introducing Audi’s advanced features, the reinvention driving pleasure


Adaptive tsukkomi control

Introducing Audi’s advanced features, the reinvention driving pleasure

A partner in driving, and also in conversation.

The “Traffic Jam Assist” feature allows steering to maintain a vehicle’s position while in motion, keeping a distance measuring from the front steering wheels to the vehicle ahead and adhering to the lines between lanes. Audi Adaptive tsukkomi control expands upon that technology to become not only your partner in driving, but also in conversation. By applying the latest language analysis technology, the vehicle monitors the context of the conversation and the speaker’s emotional distance. When sensing a deviating statement, with the optimum timing the doors will open and close with the perfect amount of force, acting like a “Tsukkomi” or the serious actor in a comedy duo.


Introduction of Features

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Reading the “Ma (distance)” with the latest language analysis technology

Monitors conversation with a highly efficient personal microphone. With the Audi Natural Language Engine (ANLE), it analyzes not only the content within the conversation, but also the speaker’s gender, intonation, rhythm, breathing, as well as nationality and regional characteristics from about 200 data elements. By taking the contextual background of the language and the aim of the conversation, it perfectly controls the space.
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Controlled strength of Tsukkomi with the newest sensing technology

Using several readers positioned on the body’s side and side mirrors equipped with cameras, a speaker’s movements, gestures, fluidity of motions (the degree of anxiety), facial expressions and other forms of non-verbal communication are measured in real time. It assesses the speaker’s surrounding environment with precision.
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Implementation of a comfortable, refined Tsukkomi

For the Tsukkomi door opening and closing, with the Haptics Team’s participation, a specialized engine evaluates quality from human sensory data points. Around 1,000 points are set as items for assessment, and scrupulous research is conducted from the timing and speed of movements and predicted strength, to the sound of the opening and closing of the doors.
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Select where you want to go with Tsukkomi

With the push of a button, Audi tsukkomi select enables Tsukkomi with special characteristics. Ride Tsukkomi, Lense Tsukkomi, and Auto-mode are prepared. In Auto-mode, connection to the internet is established through Audi Connect, pinpointing the current location. The appropriate amount of Tsukkomi is implemented, responding to location’s sense of humor. *Option

*The news stated in this article was an April Fools' Day 2017 joke.


Other Advanced Features